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User training for Arcam EBM Systems

Welcome to the starting point for you to begin your journey into the Arcam Academy world. From here you will be able to gain knowledge and experience about your Arcam products. From here you will be able to gain knowledge about the Arcam products.

Arcam Academy offers a wide range of training sessions within the EBM field. By taking part in one or several sessions you will soon master your EBM system.

We look forward to welcoming you to Arcam Academy - your partner in EBM education!

Training Program

The Arcam Academy offers various training sessions to the end users of the Arcam EBM System. Participation in the training program ensures a safe and efficient operation and maintenance.

Training is offered on different levels according to the end user personnel´s professional role and experience, e.g. Operators, Engineers and Maintenance personnel.

Training at Arcam is done on the latest machine generation and software release. Where applicable documents and training material will include information about older machine families. Customized training sessions on older machine generations can be provided upon request. Please contact your Arcam representative or Arcam Academy directly.

For detailed information about each session see our "Schedules"

  • Fundamental information about the Arcam EBM System and its components. The information is distributed via e-learning topics. Completion of selected topics is mandatory prior to attending further training. The e-learning topics are free.

    Access to the e-learning topics is given after registration with an Arcam Academy. "Training Request".

    Log in to access e-learning topics.

  • Topics

    • Health and Safety
    • Arcam EBM System Overview
    • Software Overview
    • Arcam EBM Machine Hardware
    • Arcam EBM System Accessories
    • Standard Operating Procedure
    • Basic Magics Software

Level 1
  • Basic knowledge about the Arcam EBM System and its hardware components, software handling and daily usage including maintenance. Level 1 training includes three (3) different blocks which correspond to various end user professional roles.

  • Operation and Maintenance (5 days)

    Training the participant on how to handle the Arcam EBM System in a safe and efficient manner on a daily basis. Covering the practical steps in preparing the Arcam EBM Machine for a build, removing the build and preparing for the next build. The training will also include post processing in the means of handling the equipment for powder recovery.
    Understanding the importance of the user maintenance and learning the procedures involved in this maintenance process. This session focuses on practical hands-on experience on how to execute the different steps in the user performed maintenance 

  • Application (3 days)

    Training the participant in the steps, and handling of the softwares needed to create a build file from a CAD-model. Includes the detailed handling of the build file inside the Materialise Magics software (creating of supports, triangular error fixing and slicing). EBM Control in Simulation mode and how to post-evaluate a build from the system logfiles, build report and defect detector (LayerQam™). The training includes basic powder metallurgy and insight to material standards.

Level 2
  • Before attending any of the Level 2 sessions, the participant should have conducted corresponding Level 1 training. It is highly recommended to have 3 to 6 months of practical work experience on the Arcam EBM System before attending the training. The experience for the Maintenance training should include daily work on the system and good knowledge about the Arcam EBM system hardware. For the Application training, it is required that you have experience with daily AM design work and a good understanding of the machine hardware handling.

  • Application (3 days)

    A theoretical session focusing on giving the participant a deeper understanding of the build process used in the Arcam EBM machine. Including the underlying heat theory as well as knowledge on process theme set-up. You will learn optimization of parts and build for the best build efficiency. Understand the evaluation of build logs and troubleshooting within the Arcam software LogStudio.

  • Maintenance (5 days)

    Execution of unscheduled maintenance steps.

    Practical session to gain skills on how to handle and maintain the Arcam EBM Machine hardware.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Visitors pledge (NDA) for Arcam Academy participants

By attending an Arcam training session and as a visitor to the Arcam facility, you agree to the following terms and the following  visitors pledge:

  • Any redistribution or reproduction of materials given during the training session without a written approval from Arcam AB is prohibited.
  • Any given information is for the attendees private use only and shall not be forwarded to any third party.
  • During the visit to Arcam, you might gain knowledge of information that relates to the technical and commercial operations of Arcam AB (publ.), said information comprising a commercial secret falling within the terms of the Act (1990.409) on the Protection of Commercial Secrets.
As a training session attendee, you should be aware that any breach of this pledge may result in a serious loss to Arcam AB (publ.) and that the latter takes a very serious view of such a break. Be aware that you are always at liberty to question an authorized representative of Arcam AB (publ.) if you should be in any doubt as to whether a specific item of information constitutes a commercial secret or not and that you are obliged to consider such information as a commercial secret until you have been informed to the contrary.

Training Sessions

The following sessions are planned in the near future.

To reserve your seat in a training session, please use our "Training request" form. Your seat will be confirmed via e-mail.

The Arcam Academy claims the right to cancel a session with a two week notification time.

For detailed information about each session see our "Schedules"

Level 1
  • Sessions held in US
    GE Additive Customer Experience Center, Pittsburgh, PA

    • Session US May 6-10 & 13-15
      • Operator and Maintenance (6-10)
      • Application (13-15)
    • Session US August 12-16 & 19-21
      • Operator and Maintenance (12-16)
      • Application (19-21)
    • Session US October 7-11 &14-16
      • Operator and Maintenance (7-11)
      • Application (14-16)
    • Session US December 3-6 & 9-12
      • Operator and Maintenance (3-6 & 9)
      • Application (10-12)

Level 2
  • Application


    • Session US June 25-27
    • Session US September 10-12
    • Session US November 12-14

  • Maintenance

    • Sessions held in US

General Information

Some things to have in mind when attending a training session

The typical training day is from 9:00am to 4:30pm with a 1 hour break for lunch and shorter breaks for coffee.

Coffee and lunches are included for the participants.

Please respect that photos/videos are not allowed within the GE CEC premises due to export control restrictions.

Free WiFi is available for our guests.

For the practical sessions, we recommend a casual dress code. Please wear long pants and closed-toed, flat shoes.
Safety shoes (steel toe or equivalent) are mandatory in the work shop, bring your own or borrow slip-on protective toe guards from us.
Gloves, protective glasses and a breathing masks will be handed out whenever needed.

All participants will need to complete a medical clearance questionaire to use the respirators to comply with OSHA regulations. The OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire can be found through this link. It is important that this questionnaire is completed before start of training.

GE Customer Experience Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Where we are


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From Pittsburgh International Airport: 5 - 10 minutes by car on Pennsylvania Turnpike 576 E. 
This is a toll road - $1.00 for EZ-Pass, $1.50 will be billed to address associated with license plate for all other.

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For visitors arriving with their own car. There is a Visitors parking lot available just outside of the GE CEC entrance.
No permission is needed. Please sign in at the reception as you enter the building.


Recomended hotels

The hotels listed below are recommended for out of town visitors as the yare close to the GE Additive Customer Experience Center.

Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport
5.2 miles to GE CEC
Hyatt Regency


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh Airport
10.2 miles from GE CEC
DoubleTree by Hilton


10.3 miles to GE CEC
Hampton Inn Pittsburgh-Airport


9.2 miles to GE CEC
Pittsburgh Marriott Airport


TownePlace Suites Pittsburgh Airport/Robinson Township
10.6 miles to GE CEC
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Courtyard Pittsburgh Airport Settlers Ridge
11.7 miles to GE CEC
Courtyard by Marriott


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pittsburgh Airport
11.5 miles to GE CEC
Holiday Inn Express & Suites


Homewood Suites by Hilton Pittsburgh Airport Robinson Mall Area PA
10.6 miles to GE CEC
Homewood Suites by Hilton


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