Metron A.E. Ltd. designed and developed the additive manufactured titanium handlebar used by Chris Froome on the winning Pinarello bike of the 2016 Tour De France.

For this webinar, join Dimitris Katsanis, founder and CEO of Metron, and learn the advanced design methods of additive manufacturing that were used to solve issues like thin wall areas, fatigue and static load challenges for the handlebars. Hear how Dimitris and his team were able to leverage EBM additive manufacturing, decreasing the design from 34 individual components down to one single optimized design. These design modifications provided significant reduction in drag and weight, giving Chris Froome an edge that propelled him to win the Tour De France.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the competitive advantage of designing with additive manufacturing
  • Understand how to optimize parts for light weight
  • Explore the advanced design methods used to win the Tour De France

Mr Dimitris Katsanis, CEO, Metron A.E. Ltd.
Mr Bruce Bradshaw, Chief Marketing Officer, Arcam AB
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