LAI International explores the use of two types of Additive Manufacturing processes to better understand the capabilities of each.

LAI International has produced a case study that will walk through the process of optimizing a design for weight minimization, mechanical performance, as well as manufacturability in two different additive manufacturing processes; electron beam powder bed fusion (EBM) and laser powder bed fusion. This case study will explore the mechanical performance of the two additive manufactured components in relation to the simulated performance and the conventional wrought part performance. Lastly, we will compare and contrast the weight of each design and the manufacturing costs. After watching this webinar, you will walk away with an understanding of the true potential for design optimization with additive manufacturing as well as hard numbers to create business cases for your own applications.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to optimize your design for additive manufacturing
  • Understand the difference between EBM and Laser powder bed fusion technologies
  • Explore the true potential of AM for weight minimization and mechanical performance
  • Learn how to objectively compare the design costs vs. manufacturing costs

Adam Rivard
, Additive Manufacturing Specialist, LAI International

Caitlin Oswald, Additive Manufacturing Specialist, LAI International
Bruce Bradshaw, Chief Marketing Officer, Arcam EBM
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