Advancing Aerospace Production with Metal Additive Manufacturing

In this Webinar, you’ll hear firsthand from Honeywell Aerospace experts on the advantages additive manufacturing provided Honeywell for development of metal components made from the nickel-based superalloy Alloy 718. Honeywell officially used Alloy 718 and electron beam melting to make the first Aerospace component which was an experimental design of an existing tube used on its HTF7000 engine. Don and Brian will explain how this process holds the promise of reducing manufacturing costs by 50 percent and dramatically reducing production / delivery time.

In January 2015, Honeywell became the first company to use electron beam melting (EBM) ― popularly known as 3-D printing―to produce an aerospace component from the nickel-base superalloy Alloy 718.


Donald G Godfrey PMP‪, Engineering Fellow, Honeywell Aerospace

Donald Godfrey is responsible for the integration of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing into the Honeywell business culture and is working to set the global –strategic vision for 3D Printing Technology within Honeywell. Don has technology responsibility for the laboratories in Brno, Czech Republic; Shanghai, China; Bangalore, India and Phoenix, Arizona and serves as Chair to the Honeywell Aerospace Intellectual Property Steering Committee for Additive Manufacturing Technology.


Brian Baughman, Principal Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace

Brian Baughman is a Principal Engineer in Advance Manufacturing Engineering and has been with Honeywell Aerospace for 10 years. Brian is focused on development of additive manufacturing technology such as laser powder bed fusion and electron beam melting. Brian holds several patents in the area of additive manufacturing within aerospace.

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